FabFitFun Worth It?

Alright so I have gone full year as an annual member with FabFitFun. I had noticed co-workers getting these big colorful boxes with the logo and checked it out many times but never actually made the decision to join. Mostly, because I had too many subscriptions going at the time and thought $49.99/per box was a little extreme. Last year just in time for the fall box I decided that this would go ahead and give FabFitFun a try. This would be my birthday present from my husband for a number of reasons, but mostly because he never knows what to get me. So at first I thought okay I’ll just get one box with a $10 off code and Pay the $39.99 no problem right? Wrong. After signing up I realized that there was so much more you could get out of the subscription if you just went ahead and signed up for the year 4 boxes for $179.99. So I upgraded. Here’s why:

  • More customization (They have recently added full customization for all 1-6 customization options!! I finally got to choose all items in the most recent box Summer 2021)
  • Early access to customization
  • Early access to all add-ons and edit sales saving of up to 70% off name brand beauty, clothing, and home products, etc.
  • Early shipping

Sounds great right? I found that they also have two more extra options during customization. Boost my box and reFills. These are absolutely great options in my opinion an extra option to splurge at a huge discount of up to 75% off. They recently added and expanded the reFills Each season, members have the option to subscribe and receive a replenishment of some of their favorite must-have items at discounted prices. Boost my box is an option that offers you the chance to purchase extra-high-value items that wouldn’t otherwise be included in the seasonal box at a discounted rate of 70%+ off of the retail price.

So what do the boxes actually look like? I found 3 out of four of my pictures I took when I got the boxes. For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the winter box.

One thing I have learned when shopping the sales and making my customization choices is to do your research. Read the reviews. Your most likely never going to be the first person that bought and tried the product. Things I look for are the real value, reviews, and is it really something I need or will use. I was able to find awesome brands that I had really wanted to try but didn’t fit my budget outside of FabFitFun’s sales. For example, Milk Makeup, Design.Me Hair products, Ole Henriksen, and Elemis. I’ve seen these brands advertised but when I visited their websites I couldn’t afford to spend $69 for a facial moisturizer but could afford to try it for the cost of $17 that FabFitFun’s sale offers.

I know I have sung FabFitFun’s praises but there are some downsides. With every box I usually have a few disappointments but more good than bad. FabFitFun tends to do repeats of previous box offered items. For example Nectar’s blue light blocking glasses were an option in my Fall box 2020. I went ahead and chose them but then for the Summer 2021 they were offered again as an option. Clearly I wouldn’t be choosing them again. In one box I received some nylon hair ties. They just felt cheap and not my style. (This was before full customization). I’m actually very relieved that FabFitFun now offers annual members the full customization because the feeling of a lottery of the last few customizations just wasn’t very exciting and like most lotteries I didn’t win.

Will I continue with my subscription now that my year membership is up? The answer is YES! I really look forward to the boxes and surprise unveiling of each customizations products each season.

Are you a FabFitFun Member? If so leave me a comment with your own experiences. I’d love to hear from you!

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