Direct Ship – Free Electronic, outdoor sports, cosmetics, cellphone accessories

What is Direct Shipping? Direct shipping is a form you fill out. Product Sellers have too much stock and need to get rid of items so they directly ship it to whoever signs up. You are never guaranteed to get anything and usually it takes about a month to start getting anything at all.

Free Electronic, outdoor sports, cosmetics, cellphone accessories products seller has A LOT of overstock and, is offering to mail items to your home at no cost. We mail to the United States, Germany, United KingdomReviews are not required, and you do not need Amazon. All these items are free.Why are we doing this? Well, Amazon charges a storage fee. When the seller has too much of anything, they would rather give out the samples than pay the outrageous storage fees. This seller is not going to do anything more than mail the item to you- that is it. If you are interested- please complete the form with your mailing address and phone number. (PS: The exact phone number is needed in case DHL/UPS/USPS has to call you about any delivery issue) What will you be receiving? It can mostly be Electronic, outdoor sports, cosmetics, cellphone accessories products. But don’t be surprised if it is something else like Clothes or bedding 🙂 If it doesn’t fit- or you don’t like it- you can always gift it or donate it. Now, because it is a large quantity of items, you cannot be sent a particular size. It will be random.


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